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We take music we love and try to tell a story through pictures and video footage. Below, you'll find links to them all, together with some notes about our inspiration for making them. 

Under Pressure.png

We've always loved queen. We've always loved David Bowie. We're under pressure right now...

We wanted to touch people's hearts as well as motivate them to fight with passion, determination and bravery. From the comments we've received so far, we've succeeded.

This song is a classic and the words pretty much perfectly fit what we're all going through at the moment. 

Lockdowns, domestic violence, kids wearing masks... we wanted to highlight them all.

Everybody Knows.png

Inspired by our previous three videos, we turned to Leonard Cohen for inspiration

The words of the song could be interpreted so many ways. We decided there was so much in the song that could be related to what's happening right now

It's one of Leonard Cohen's most well-known songs. With biting cynicism and sarcasm, he cuts through the bullshit and skewers his subject matter

Again, we wanted to tell a non-linear story, but one that would hopefully resonate with every single person watching.

Road To Nowhere.png

We've looked at the events of the past year and literally thought, "How did we get here?"

But that's a whole other talking heads song...

The lockdown insanities, the programmed public, the manipulative media, the dishonest government... all have had their part to play

We love the song. We grew up with it on our mixtapes and playlists. But it's a warning from the past not to blindly follow the hand that guides you

We loved making this video, and we wanted it to be a message of hope as well as a testament of the times we live in

Dallas 1pm.png

Denty has been a student of the kennedy assassination for a long time, as well as the Profumo Affair, both in the same year.

The two events are connected. We wanted to showcase both, as well as what has happened to our world post-JFK.

Saxon's song, "Dallas 1PM" is a beautiful tribute to the slain president, but we also wanted to include two other young men that lost their lives tragically.

John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy Jr. Lee Harvey Oswald. All victims of evil. All struck down before their time.

The Eye.png

The Eye was a real labour of love for us. It took us two days to make. We wanted to tell a non-linear story.

Everything we'd learned, everything we discovered through this deep dive down the rabbit hole went into this video.

Born from our love of metallica, we wanted the words of the song, from 1988, to echo down the years and for people to feel its relevance now.

This video covers everyone from Boris Johnson to Harvey Weinstein to Hillary Clinton. 


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